Pierce Town Board



 The Town of Pierce conducts biennial elections, the first Tuesday of April in even numbered years to elect Town board members and for municipal ballot issues. 

  • Board members are elected on an at-large basis; meaning elected by all registered electors of the Town rather than by specific district or ward within the Town. 
  • Terms of office are staggered so three Trustees are elected at one election and the Mayor and three Trustees are elected at the next succeeding election. This may vary due to circumstances such as a shortened term. The four year terms are placed by highest number of votes. 
  • In order to vote in a Municipal election, only U.S. citizens who are 18 years old and have resided in the Town limits for the last 30 days are eligible. 
  • Registered electors who have moved into the Town must change their legal address with the County Clerk. Town of Pierce residents may register with the Weld County Clerk's office or at the Pierce Town Hall. 

Board Members

Mayor / 4 year term: Nansi Crom

Trustee / 2 year term: 

Trustee / 4 year term: M Sue Spurgeon-Paris

Trustee / 4 year term: Carol Wirkus

Trustee / 2 year term: Kenny Dill

Trustee / 4 year term: Pat Anderson
Trustee / 2 year term : Jody Rupple


Planning Commission

Rick Crom - Chairman
Mary Hebberlee

Jody Rupple

Nansi Crom

Standing Committees


Kenny Dill

Water and Sewer

Pat Anderson


M. Sue Spurgeon-Paris


Carol Wirkus


Jody Rupple