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The Town of Pierce Code Enforcements mission is to enhance the quality of life within the Town of Pierce by working closely with citizens to make the town cleaner and safe for all. 

Contact Number


  • Pierce Code Enforcement Officer Ryan Shippy 970-834-2851
  • Emergency Call 911
  • Law Enforcement  Ault Police Department 834-1336   f 834-2199
  • Weld County Dispatch 356-1212 

Commonly Referenced Municipal Ordinances

7-5-10 Control of Animal 

All animals shall be kept under control. No owner harborer, keeper, or other person who has assumed responsibility for any animal shall allow such animal to run at large within the municipality. If any animal is found at any place within the municipality other than upon the premises of its owner, the owner is presumed to have violated this section.

7-5-110-Noisy Animals.
It is unlawful for the owner, keeper, harborer, or any other person who has assumed the responsibility for an animal, to permit such animal kept in any yard, house, or other place; to bark, howl, yelp, bawl, or make other loud and persistent noise in a manner considered by reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities as excessive or continuous.

7-5-10- Types of animals permitted
Dogs and cats are the only animals allowed as pets in the Town. For other animals a special permit can be applied for. 

7-5-160-Limit on number of animals.
No person, residence or address shall be allowed to keep more than four dogs. This Section shall not apply where new litters are still nursing and such litters are less than 12 weeks old.

7-5-30-Dog License Required
All dogs must be licensed with the Town and a proof of rabies vaccination is required for issuance of the license.

7-4-10- Weeds Prohibited
It is unlawful to permit weeds to grow or remain grown if such weeds are uncut and in a blooming stage or which are more than 12 inches in height.

7-2-100-Abandoned Motor Vehicle
Any vehicle left unattended on private property for a period of 24 hours or longer without the consent of the owner or lessee. Any vehicle left unattended on public property for a period of 24 hours unless owner or driver has affixed thereto a dated notice indicating his or her intention to return within 72 hours.

7-2-110- Inoperable Vehicle
It is unlawful for any person or agent either as owner, lessee, tenant or occupant of any lot or land within the Town, to park, store, or deposit or permit to be parked, stored, or deposited thereon an inoperable vehcile unless it is enclosed in a garage or other building.

10-10-20-Burning prohibited
Burning is prohibited, unless a burn permit is obtained from Weld County. You can obtain a permit by calling 970-304-6415 or by going to Weld County Department of Health’s website.

7-3-10-Refuse accumulation on properties is prohibited.
Refuse includes trash, garbage, cinders, ashes, weeds, building materials, or any other unused items or waste materials.

10-10-10- Fireworks.

It is unlawful for any person to manufacture, sell, use or discharge any device prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect bu combustion, explosion or detonation, which shall include sky rockets, Roman candles, Day-Glo bombs, sparklers, firecrackers or any other explosive or flammable compound, anywhere within the Town without having previously obtained a permit therefor.  Fireworks shall not include auto flares, paper caps containing less than 0.25 of a grain of explosive content per cap and toy pistols or guns for use of such caps.  

11-1-50- Snow and ice removal from sidewalks.
The owner, occupant, lessee or person in possession or control of any premises or property shall maintain the sidewalks adjoining such premises or property, and shall remove and clear away, or cause to be removed or cleared away, snow and ice from sidewalks within 24 hours of cessation of any fall of snow, sleet, or freezing rain.

11-1-30 Parking of campers, motor homes and trucks.  

Parking of trailers, campers, camper trailers, trucks over 28 feet in length, motor homes or any other large vehicle other than cars or pickup trucks is prohibited on streets except in industrial zones and other areas designated for truck parking and except for a period of 48 hours for loading and unloading.  Parking of trailers, campers, camper trailers, or trucks on private property is permitted only if the parking of such vehicle does not block a motorist's view of approaching traffic either on a public street, alley or right-of-way and such vehicle is properly licensed, is not used as a dwelling and is designed, used and intended for personal use, as opposed to business or commercial use.  

--Building Permits are required for certain additions or modifications of properties in the Town. A list of items requiring permits may be obtained from Town Hall.

--Contact the Code Enforcement Officer for any details on these or any other code issues.

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