Public Works

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The Pierce Public Works Department cares for and maintains water, sewer, streets, and parks.

Our goal is to provide good preventative maintenance to our Town’s assets, as well as quick, but safe and reliable responses to the unforeseen needs of the Town.

In case of an emergency in regards to water, sewer, or the streets, Monday thru Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. please contact Town Hall @ 970-834-2851, Saturday thru Sunday or holidays, please contact Weld County Dispatch Center at 970-350-9600 option #4.


 North Weld Water District supplies the Town with treated water. The water is treated to the strict regulations and requirements of the Federal Governments Safe Drinking Water Act, to provide the Town with safe quality water for use. The Town of Pierce has about seven (7) miles of water mains running under it’s streets with meters at each tap.  


 The Town’s sewer is on a yearly jetting and televising program for around 10,000 feet a year to be cleaned and viewed. On a monthly basis it is spot checked for any problems. The Town is also in the process of constructing a Waste Water Treatment Plant. It is scheduled to be completed in June 2011.   



The Town now has about eight (8) miles of street to maintain. A program of street and sign updates and repair is budgeted each year,as well as the normal repair and maintenance budget.

The Town of Pierce plow snow from its streets when snow fall reaches 4 inches or more. For this reason, we ask that when slick conditions exist, slow down and use extra caution in driving and walking. 


 The Town of Pierce takes great pride in its parks and recreation areas, as well should all who use them. Please throw trash into trash cans and abide by park rules designated by signs posted in these areas. These areas are the community’s responsibility to keep clean and safe for our children and the community. 


Park Reservation to town residents upon proof of residency.

Extra tables and chairs are available upon request with proof of residency.

Please Help Keep Our Parks Clean and Enjoyable.


 Mike Lester (Public Works Director)
Seth  Hnizdil (Public Works Maintenance)
Terry Lauer (Public Works Maintenance)